Recipes I tried lately

I found some great recipes on Pinterest and I tried a few lately. 

Here is what I made :

Teriyaki Meatballs This was good but I made a mistake in the amount of brown sugar.  I used 1/2 teaspoon lol.  But it was perfect that way.  I know my boyfriend wouldn’t like too sweet. 


I also made these lemon pancakes for me and my boyfriend.   They were very good with powdered sugar on top. 


I made the Pork tenderloin with wine sauce and it’s so easy to do and delicious.  We liked this a lot.


I made the ground beef risotto for my son lunches.  He liked it but after a few bites, he was getting tired of the same taste.  I liked the taste but it’s salty a lot with the soy sauce.


I made these chocolate chip banana muffins which use a cake mix (they ask for yellow and I used white). I used only 1 cup of chocolate chips which is enough for us.  The cake mix is sweet so the muffins are sweet.  I’m used to use less sugar in muffins so in this recipe I couldn’t reduce the sugar. 

This chicken pot pie is one of the best I made.  Even my son who doesn’t like vegetables ate it.  He ate all the vegetables in his serving.  He even requested to have this for lunch at school.  I made a double pie dough.  I’m used to chicken pie with a bottom and a crust. 

When I saw the Vegetable Spaghetti Squash lasagna, I wanted to try it.  It look yummy and healthy.  My boyfriend liked it a lot and more than me. 

I made more recipes and will post more maybe tomorrow.  🙂