Great recipes found on Pinterest

Last week I saw the Chicken Wild Rice Soup, I had to try it.  The wild rice is expensive but it’s worth it.  I had a rotisserie chicken I bought at Costco.  I didn’t have fresh parsley so omitted it.  This soup gives a lot.  I was able to give a big bowl (almost 4 servings) to friends.  I thought my son wouldn’t like this soup because of the wild rice and all the veggies but in fact he likes it.  Today at school this is what he will be eating with crackers and red bell pepper. 


Another great recipe that I will be doing often is the One Pan Fettuccine Alfredo.  My son liked it so much.  Very easy to do and the taste is so good. 


On Saturday night we were only me and my boyfriend for dinner so I made this Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Alfredo.  I’m not sure my son would like it so it was the perfect occasion to do it.  It was delicious.  This recipe is only 2 servings but I was able to have a leftover for my lunch at work.  Since I had only plain goat cheese I added dried oregano and basil to the sauce. 


And I made the Crock-Pot Easy Chicken N Gravy thinking my son would like it on pasta.  He liked it but just a little bit.  It was not his favorite.  Yesterday I tried it on mashed potatoes.  It’s way too salty.  Not sure I will do it again.  I couldn’t find chicken gravy mix so I used turkey gravy mix.  I guess it’s almost the same. 



Recipes I tried lately

I found some great recipes on Pinterest and I tried a few lately. 

Here is what I made :

Teriyaki Meatballs This was good but I made a mistake in the amount of brown sugar.  I used 1/2 teaspoon lol.  But it was perfect that way.  I know my boyfriend wouldn’t like too sweet. 


I also made these lemon pancakes for me and my boyfriend.   They were very good with powdered sugar on top. 


I made the Pork tenderloin with wine sauce and it’s so easy to do and delicious.  We liked this a lot.


I made the ground beef risotto for my son lunches.  He liked it but after a few bites, he was getting tired of the same taste.  I liked the taste but it’s salty a lot with the soy sauce.


I made these chocolate chip banana muffins which use a cake mix (they ask for yellow and I used white). I used only 1 cup of chocolate chips which is enough for us.  The cake mix is sweet so the muffins are sweet.  I’m used to use less sugar in muffins so in this recipe I couldn’t reduce the sugar. 

This chicken pot pie is one of the best I made.  Even my son who doesn’t like vegetables ate it.  He ate all the vegetables in his serving.  He even requested to have this for lunch at school.  I made a double pie dough.  I’m used to chicken pie with a bottom and a crust. 

When I saw the Vegetable Spaghetti Squash lasagna, I wanted to try it.  It look yummy and healthy.  My boyfriend liked it a lot and more than me. 

I made more recipes and will post more maybe tomorrow.  🙂 

General Tao Tofu

Since doing Visalus, I try to do healthier recipe.  When I saw this recipe from Ricardo I had to try it. Tofu is not something I buy often.  I can’t ask my boyfriend if he wants to eat a recipe with tofu, because as soon as he hears the word tofu, he has a bad reaction lolll He doesn’t want to try any recipes with tofu.  Image

When I made this recipe, previously, he diced some chicken for a recipe I had to do.  I do all the cooking, but sometimes he helps me in the preparation 🙂  So when the General Tao Tofu was ready, I gave him a bite of tofu and told him it was chicken.  He asked “is it the one I diced?”.   I said yes.  He said the texture was weird.  I guess he didn’t believe me.  I had no choice but telling him it was tofu.  Anyway I like the taste of the recipe and I will have more for me 🙂 


I forgot to buy green onions so I omitted it but next time I’ll be sure to use it.  I used frozen broccoli that I steamed.  I divided the tofu in 4 bowls with the broccoli so 4 of my dinner were ready to reheat.  For me it’s filling enough.  Yesterday, I added on the side, steamed snowpeas with a little bit of teriyaki sauce on top.  It was a great meal. 


I’ll have to try more recipes with tofu.  Do you have something to recommend that is healthy and low calories? 

General Tao Tofu
Adapted from Ricardo
4 servings


1/4 cup chicken broth or 1/4 cup vegetable broth
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
2 tablespoons ketchup
1 teaspoon cornstarch
1 teaspoon sambal oelek

Stir-Fry :

454 g firm tofu, cubed and blotted dry
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1/8 cup canola oil (I cooked the tofu in 1 batch so I didn’t need 1/4 cup of oil)
4 green onions, finely chopped (I didn’t use)
1 teaspoon fresh ginger, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
salt and pepper (optional)

Sides :

1 broccoli, cut into florets steamed
steamed rice (optional)

1 . Sauce: In a bowl, combine all the ingredients. Set aside.
2  Stir-Fry: In a large bowl, dust the tofu with the cornstarch. Shake to remove any excess. Set aside on a plate.
3 . In a wok, heat the oil. Fry the tofu, half at a time, until lightly browned. Season with salt and pepper. Remove the tofu from the wok with a slotted spoon and set aside on a plate lined with paper towels.
4 . In the wok, fry the onions, ginger, and garlic for 1 to 2 minutes. Add oil, if needed. Add the sauce and bring to a boil. Add the tofu and cook, stirring to warm through, and coat thoroughly with the sauce. Serve immediately over rice. Serve with broccoli.
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My Mom’s Homemade Yogurt

This is my mother’s recipe for homemade yogurt.  I made her recipe so many times.  She probably took it from the yogurt maker which is a Yogourtmet.  It’s very old like I said the other day.

Sorry for the bad photo.  I don’t have cute bowl 😦  I really should buy some cute bowls very soon.

My Mom’s Homemade Yogurt
as you can see it gives a 2 liters of yogurt

  • 2 liters milk (I already used whole-milk but these days I use skim milk)
  • 1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin
  • 6 ounces plain yogurt (this time I used 2% fat milk)
  • 2 (5 g)  yogurt starter
  1. Pour 1/2 cup of milk in a small measuring cup. Sprinkle the gelatin. Stir just a little bit. Set aside.
  2. Pour the remaining milk in a large saucepan. Heat at medium heat, always stirring, until milk is 180F (you can use a candy thermometer).
  3. When the milk is 180F, remove from the heat. Take some of the hot milk and add it to the mixture of milk and gelatin. Stir well. Put this mixture in the saucepan with the milk. Stir.
  4. Allow the milk to cool to lukewarm-110°F To speed up the process you can place the pan in cold water. When the milk is 100F, you can remove it from the water.
  5. In a small bowl, mix the plain yogurt with the yogurt starter. Stir well. Put in the saucepan. Stir well. Pour in the yogurt maker by straining it. Follow the directive of your yogurt maker.
  6. When it’s ready (I let it in the yogurt maker near 10 hours), put it in the fridge for at least 4 hours.
  7. I like to add splenda and instant coffee that I sift so it’s easier to dissolve in the yogurt.
  8. Or I add splenda and 1 tablespoon of jam.
  9. Or just maple syrup on top mmmmm.

Happy Awards

I got an Award from Barbara of Barbara Bakes.  I feel so honored since my blog is still new to the blog world LOL

The rules of the award are:
1. Copy the award image into a post.
2. List 10 things that make you happy.
3. Tag ten bloggers who brighten your day.
4. Put in a link to their blogs.
5. Notify the award receivers.
6. Recipients to link back to the sender’s blog.

Here are the things that make me happy :

1. My son
2. My boyfriend
3. having a drink
4. cooking something new
5. taking food photo
6. eating desserts, I love dessert
7. my cat
8. reading my twitter friends 😉
9. dancing
10. baking bread

I’m giving awards to these wonderful person I discovered recently via twitter.  Be sure to look at their recipes and blogs 🙂  There are some yummy stuff there 😉

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