Great recipes found on Pinterest

Last week I saw the Chicken Wild Rice Soup, I had to try it.  The wild rice is expensive but it’s worth it.  I had a rotisserie chicken I bought at Costco.  I didn’t have fresh parsley so omitted it.  This soup gives a lot.  I was able to give a big bowl (almost 4 servings) to friends.  I thought my son wouldn’t like this soup because of the wild rice and all the veggies but in fact he likes it.  Today at school this is what he will be eating with crackers and red bell pepper. 


Another great recipe that I will be doing often is the One Pan Fettuccine Alfredo.  My son liked it so much.  Very easy to do and the taste is so good. 


On Saturday night we were only me and my boyfriend for dinner so I made this Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Alfredo.  I’m not sure my son would like it so it was the perfect occasion to do it.  It was delicious.  This recipe is only 2 servings but I was able to have a leftover for my lunch at work.  Since I had only plain goat cheese I added dried oregano and basil to the sauce. 


And I made the Crock-Pot Easy Chicken N Gravy thinking my son would like it on pasta.  He liked it but just a little bit.  It was not his favorite.  Yesterday I tried it on mashed potatoes.  It’s way too salty.  Not sure I will do it again.  I couldn’t find chicken gravy mix so I used turkey gravy mix.  I guess it’s almost the same. 



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