Super Bowls from Paula

When I saw the recipe of Paula, I knew I had to try that.  Cause I already had wonton wrappers in the freezer since many months so it was about time for me to use them.

I’m going to put the changes I made:

1 lb ground turkey (I used 1/2 lb lean ground beef cause I made just a few bowls for me and my boyfriend)
2 stalks green onions – minced (more to garnish if you want to be fancy) (I almost used 2 stalks of green onions, it gave a good flavor)
2 cloves fresh garlic – minced (of course, I used 1)
2″ section of fresh ginger – minced (I omitted it)
6 tsp low sodium soy sauce (I used 3 tsp of low sodium soy sauce)
pepper (no pepper)

Wasabi Mayo:
Wasabi Powder

but to have the full recipe just go there.

My boyfriend always refuse to have mayonnaise on his food.  I was surprised that he said yes when I offered him to put a dollop on each of his bowls.

We really enjoyed them.  Maybe I cooked them too much or they were too old (the wrappers) cause they were very crunchy.  The filling by itself is very good.  I gave the leftover to my son, without wasabi mayo of course and he said it was yummy.


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