I didn’t cook a lot

Lately I didn’t cook a lot.  I was tired a lot and last weekend I got a big headache from Saturday to Sunday afternoon.

I did a wonderful recipe of spaghetti.  The sauce is amazing.  There is bacon in it.  Wow!  And I ate the last serving at lunch 😦

The previous weekend I made Budget-Friendly Homemade Cereal.

Besides that, on Sunday I made a Flax Seed Bread but it was a failure.  It probably rised too much so it went flat and with a hard texture.  Or maybe my son jumped beside the oven and it made it flat.  I’ll have to try it again later.

I put a steak in a marinade with beer on Sunday and we cooked it only yesterday.  48 hours was too much.  And also we were too lazy to cook it on the barbecue, so it was cooked in a skillet.  Wrong idea!  I’m sure this marinade is great when the steak is in the marinade a few hours and cooked on the barbecue.  I’ll have to try it again.


There is a giveaway to win a free case of chips just there.


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