Rainbow Cupcakes + Wedding Cupcake Buttercream

I made rainbow cupcakes that I seen on Picky Palate blog.  Her cupcakes are so beautiful.  But mine didn’t look as good as the ones she made.

I made a few changes, maybe it affected the color but the taste was great and they were so moist.  I used a white cake mix instead of yellow (I don’t think it affected the color).  I thought I had a instant vanilla pudding mix in the pantry, but I was wrong.  I had : butterscotch, chocolate, pistachio.  So I took butterscotch.  Maybe it affected the color but chocolate would have been worst for the color LOL

I made only 12 cupcakes.  So they were big.  I was not so good at separating the colors.  So I did it the best I can.  I would like to present you a beautiful cupcake but I can’t for now.

Close your eyes LOL   Tadam!

I wanted to do a frosting and chose Wedding Cupcake Buttercream from RecipeGirl.  I did half the recipe.  I’m glad cause my boyfriend and my son prefer these cupcakes without frosting.  They’re so boring LOL  Anyway, I kept the frosting for my cupcakes and I’ll probably have to do more cupcakes because of the leftover frosting that is waiting in the fridge 😀

I really love this buttercream.  It’s so yummy!


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