Pumpkin-Apple Muffins and Pizza

Yesterday, my boyfriend was home (it’s been a week cause he got a surgery and tomorrow he’s going back to work) and he prepared the pizza.  I made the pizza dough on Sunday.  It’s the second time I do it.  It’s so easy with the bread machine.  It  makes 2 pizza dough.  I separated the balls and put in the fridge with saran wrap around them.  When I arrived home, we did the pizza.  Since I used spicy salsa, I put spaghetti sauce on 1/4 of the pizza for my son who doesn’t like spicy.  I cut all the veggies (mushrooms, red bell peppers and red onion) and then asked my son to decorate his part.  He was proud to do it.  Then I topped the whole pizza with shredded Monterey Jack.


While the pizza was baking, I decided I had the time to do pumpkin and apple muffins.   I prepared the muffin dough while my boyfriend peeled and diced the apples.  I used only 1 cup of sugar.  With 2 cups I’m sure it’s way too sweet.  I did only 12 muffins.  They are big and are moist.  I baked them about 40 minutes.


My son wanted to be in the photo so here he is :



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