Yummy Recipes to share

Today in Montreal, it was a beautiful Sunday.  It was sunny.

We began the day with a good coffee and a Croque-Monsieur.

1 novembre 2009 006

Then I made Baked Chicken Delicious.  It’s like chicken cacciatore.  Very tasty.

1 novembre 2009 030

I had also liver to cook.  I made Wok Style Liver.  It’s very yummy with the veggies and demi-glace.

1 novembre 2009 019

I made this drink with kiwi.  It’s yummy but full of little chunks of kiwi.

1 novembre 2009 040

I have a lot of leftovers.  That’s why I like to cook a lot during weekends.  That way I have things already made for our lunches.

I roasted a pumpkin in the oven.  I followed this method from The Kitchen Mouse.  Very easy to do.  I had a great puree.  I have almost 8 cups of puree.

For dinner, we ate a fondue with thin slices of beef.  A few years ago, it was one of my favorite meal.  But tonight I was kind of disappointed.  I don’t like that like I used to do.  I made a mushroom fondue sauce to dip the meat in it.  The sauce was very yummy.

I hope you had a great weekend and great Halloween 🙂


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