Alien Urine Sample (Halloween Cocktail)

I made this drink yesterday.  It was great to have an Alien Urine Sample LOL

24 octobre 2009 283

The color looks like an alien?  Do you think?  It has a great look.  It’s pretty sweet so if you like sweet drinks, it’s for you.

I made this Apple Crisp today.  There is a spice cake mix that makes the crust.  It’s great 😀

24 octobre 2009 320

Yesterday for dinner was a steak and mushroom risotto mmmmmm What a nice dinner we had 🙂

24 octobre 2009 279

24 octobre 2009 280

Today was a weird day but fun.  I wanted to eat oatmeal for breakfast like a did a few months ago : oatmeal, peanut butter and brown sugar.  I don’t know what I did, but it was crunchy, not cooked enough.  I was disappointed of it.

Then we went out to buy candies for Halloween.  We came back home at 1 pm.  Too late to cook lunch (I wanted to do a recipe with liver but it was 1 hour to do in total).  So we made sandwiches with fresh ciabatta baguette and spicy capicollo, ham and gouda cheese.   Then I had a headache and went to bed until 4:30 pm.  It rained all day.  But at 5:30 pm we were ready to go outside for Halloween.  The sun was shining a little bit and no rain 🙂  I went with my son for Halloween.  We really had fun.  We walked fast cause we wanted to have many candies.  He didn’t complained too much.  But at the end, his feet were hurting a little bit.  Me too.  I was tired of walking.  We were out walking for 2 hours.  That’s good for a little boy of 4 years old.  Sometimes he went alone to ask for candies.  I was proud of him.  I have to show you a photo of him in his tiger costume (the photo was taken yesterday morning to the daycare) :24 octobre 2009 273

When we came back home, we were supposed to eat a fondue but the meat was still frozen  and it was already 8 pm.  Too late and I was too tired to cook something.  My boyfriend asked me if I wanted to order something.  It was easy to say yes LOL  We ordered pizza and beers.  Both arrived at the same time.  Tomorrow I’ll cook a bit more.  I have to cook the liver, chicken breasts, probably a pizza with chicken, 2 pumpkins to cook, and then muffins with the pumpkin and a mushroom and onion soup mmmmm


One thought on “Alien Urine Sample (Halloween Cocktail)

  1. I am so glad I discovered your blog. I amnot a big alcohol drinker, but those that you have showcased on your blog have impressed me. I am Sure to try them out in the future.

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