Salmon Pie

I’ve always loved when my mother made salmon pie (pâté au saumon).  Her recipe was very simple.  She used a can of red salmon, kept the juice to mash the potatoes, added a roasted onion and that was it.  All of this in a pie crust and topped with another one.  Sometimes she added cooked diced carrots, but I didn’t like it so much.

She was visiting us for the weekend and I told her I wanted to do a salmon pie.  I’ve never made one.  Here is the one I made : Rustic Salmon Pie.

The recipe didn’t say to keep or drain the salmon liquid.  I kept it and added it to my potatoes.  And I used a bit more of mashed potatoes.  I roasted a small onion and green onions and added this to the mixture.

The pastry crust is really easy to do with the food processor.  In the filling since I used the liquid of the salmon, I used just a little bit of 2% fat milk.  I kept the bones and skins from the salmon.  It adds calcium to the recipe.




2 thoughts on “Salmon Pie

    • My mother always made salmon pie. It’s yummy. It can be serve with an egg sauce or bechamel. But I prefer mine with butter. I know it’s not healthy but the taste is great LOL Welcome here 😀

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